Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


In our Edgar Allan Poe Machine, there are 5 forces being used. We are using gravity and air resistance when we launch the penny into the air having both gravity pulling it down and air resistance slowing it from falling or opposing gravity. We have applied force when we hit the tee to make the tennis ball fall off the tee an down the ramp. We have friction when the toy train is rolling down the ramp and we have tension when the rope is being held tight waiting for the scissors to cut it.

Simple Machine's

In our Edgar Allan Poe Machine we are using 6 simple machines. We are using a wheel and inclined ramp and axle when a toy train goes down a slanted ramp. We are using a pulley when a ball rolls into a bucket on one side of a pulley, pulling the other side up releasing another smaller ball. We are using a lever when we have scissors cut a rope and we use a wedge when a ball hits the wedge and the wedge breaks a velcroed cloth. Finally we have an example of a screw when a marble rolls down a screw ramp.

Blue Print Steps 11-16

Step 11: the toy car rolls into a set of scissors setting off the pendulum 
Step 12: a pendulum with scissors swings across and cuts a rope 
Step 13: the cut rope releases a ball that rolls down a ramp
Step 14: At the bottom of the ramp, the ball hits a toy train
Step 15: the toy train then hits dvd’s knocking them over, making more fall(like dominos)
Step 16: the last one falls and hits a card house

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blue Print steps 17-21

Step 17: The house of cards fall onto a marble
Step 18: The marble rolls down a screw ramp, then hits a bigger ball 
Step 19: The ball falls down a tube going directly downward, and hits a wedge
Step 20: The wedge moves a cloth(that's blocking a marble), causing the marble to fall downward.
Step 21: The ball then falls onto a game, causing it to turn on

Blue Print Steps 1-5

Step 1:The tennis ball falls off the tee and bounces on a clipboard.
Step 2: The clipboard turns forward 90 degrees launching a penny into the air.
Step 3: The penny falls into a funnel hitting a nail making a it turn in a circle.
Step 4: That nail in turn hits another nail making it turn into another nail causing a chain reaction.
Step 5: The last nail hits a ball making it roll into a cup on one side of a pulley.


The name of our Machine is: Toyland
The theme of our Machine is: Child's Play
Game Plan: We want to meet once every weekend to get together and work. Then during the week we will delegate jobs to each other so we can keep on top of making our deadlines, and getting done what we need to get done.